The following is all the information that OCF requires in order to process a grant request.  If you want to use this as your application, please use the link at the bottom of this page.  You may also put your request in a letter format so long as all the basic concerns outlined below are addressed.  Feel free to drop off the request in the OCF folder located in the OVA Office.

1) INTRODUCTION:  What is the name and purpose of your organization?  If you have by-laws, please attach a copy.  How long has your group been active?  How many people regularly participate in or are served by your group?  What kind of community support have you received?

2) ASSESSMENT OF NEED:  What facts or circumstances caused you to apply for funding from the Foundation?  Clearly define the need(s) you intend to address.  How have you assessed this need?  How does this affect Oakmont residents?  Is there any reason why your group is not able to self-fund this activity?

3) PROGRAM GOALS & OBJECTIVES:  What goal/objectives do you wish to achieve by the proposed project?  How will you measure success?

4) METHODS: What methods will you use to accomplish your goals/objectives?  Please be specific.  Are there any alternatives that you have considered?  What, exactly, do you plan to do?

5) BUDGET:  What will your project cost?  How have you come to this determination?  If equipment or services are needed, what investigations have you made into evaluating the equipment or services needed and what measures were taken for estimating comparative costs?

6) BENEFITS TO OAKMONT VILLAGE:  How will the proposed project benefit the residents of Oakmont?  Include both direct and indirect effects.

7) ADMINISTRATION OF PROJECT:  Who in your organization (be specific) will be in charge of handing the project through to conclusion?  Please give that person's name, address and e-mail.

8) FOLLOW-UP:  The Foundation will require follow-up reports until the project is concluded.

9) GRANT APPLICATION SUBMISSION:  Send the completed application to:

The Oakmont Community Foundation,  6637 Oakmont Drive, Suite A, Santa Rosa, CA  95409.


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